The International Senior Advisory Board (ISAB) serves as an advisory organ to the Academy, reflecting on its activities and offering observations and advice on how the highest standards can be met and maintained. The Board currently consists of 13 eminent personalities with outstanding credentials from a wide variety of backgrounds. All members of the ISAB were unanimously elected by the Board of Governors in June 2013. Seven had been unanimously elected by the Steering Committee in spring 2010 during the transition phase, and were subsequently reelected en bloc by the Board of Governors.


Members serve in their individual capacity. They are:


 Michael Hershman (USA)


Group CEO, International Centre for Sports Security (ICSS)

Co-founder of Transparency International


Labelle  H.E. Huguette Labelle (Canada)

 (Vice Chairperson)

 Chair, Senate Advisory Board

 Former Chair of the Board of Directors of Transparency International 


Terry Bell

  Terry A. Bell (USA)

   Vice President, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer Motorola




Curia  H.E. Eugenio M. Curia (Argentina)

 Ambassador, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship



Dogan  Fazli Dogan (Turkey)

  Deputy Director-General, Ministry of Justice




Alfred Heiter

  Alfred Heiter (Austria)

  Director Fiscal and Legal Policy, Federation of Austria Industries




georg krakow

  Georg Krakow (Austria)

  Partner at Baker McKenzie, Vienna
  Compliance, Commercial Criminal Law,
  Internal Investigations, Anti-Corruption



Mahakun  Vicha Mahakun (Thailand)

 Dean, Faculty of Law, Rangsit University, Patumthani/Thailand




de Michele  Roberto de Michele (Argentina)

  Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)




Navarro  Luiz Augusto Fraga Navarro de Britto Filho (Brazil)

  Former Minister of the General Comptroller of the Union (CGU)

  Counselor of the Public Ethics Committee of the Presidency

  of the Republic (CEP)


Ouko  Edward Ouko (Kenya)





Pieth  Mark Pieth (Switzerland)

  Professor of Criminal Law and Criminology, University of Basel

  Member of the Foundation Board of the Basel Institute on Governance



Tichy-Fisslberger  H.E. Elisabeth Tichy-Fisslberger (Austria)

  Director General for Legal and Consular Affairs, Federal Ministry

  for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs, and National Coordinator

  on Combatting Human Trafficking





Fraser-Moleketi  H.E. Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi (Former Member/South Africa)

  (2013 - 2015)

  United Nations, Democratic Governance Director in UNDP's Bureau

  for Development Policy (BDP)


OKeefe  (†) Barry O’Keefe

  (2013 - 2014)