DSC 9404This week, IACA welcomes participants from around the globe for the Academy’s latest programme - the Anti-Corruption in Local Governance Training.

Partakers, coming from a range of professional backgrounds, including investigators and policy advisors, have gathered in Laxenburg for five intense days to learn about various types of corruption in the local governance sector and to develop methods to improve integrity within their own government systems. Leading the training are several international experts including Robert Klitgaard of Claremont Graduate School, Ana Vasilache, Director of Partners Foundation for Local Development, and Ronald MacLean-Abaroa, former mayor of La Paz, Bolivia and World Bank expert.

Participants are learning about the implementation of anti-corruption policies and strengthened the skills needed for developing anti-corruption strategies within their local governments and city administrations, among other topics. “I think it is an amazing experience,” says Malika Aït-Mohamed Parent of the International Federation of Red Cross/Red Crescent Societies, “it is an opportunity to revisit our own stereotypes on corruption…it helps us to be more impassioned and rational, which helps us to be more effective.” The five day training also included a trip to the Vienna City Hall, the “Rathaus”, where participants enjoyed an informative presentation by Roland Walka, Head of the City of Vienna’s Anti-Corruption Hotline and Internal Auditing, on the prevention of corruption in the city of Vienna. Afterwards, the group had a guided tour through the halls of the stunning and historical Rathaus.

The participants will return to their home countries after a closing lecture on ethical dilemmas from Professor Jeroen Maesschalck, a professor at the Leuven Institute of Criminology.