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Master's module

Brazil 2016

Classes for at least one module of IACA’s academic degree programmes take place abroad in cooperation with one of our international partner institutions.

Hosting a MACS and/or IMACC module is a great opportunity for Parties and partner institutions to:

  • showcase their achievements in fighting corruption
  • exchange experiences with macs participants from all continents
  • provide learning opportunities for the host organization’s staff members.



Washington D.C (2018)


Sao Paulo (2016)


Tbilisi (2016)


Kuala Lumpur (2016)

Regional Summer Academy

Latin America 2015

Modelled on its long-established annual Summer Academy, IACA’s Regional Summer Academies help professionals to develop durable anti-corruption and compliance strategies in a particular part of the world.

Participants address region-specific corruption issues, share experiences with peers from neighbouring countries, and learn with expert lecturers from the region and beyond. Hosting a regional summer academy is an excellent opportunity for Parties and partner institutions to:

  • raise the visibility of their own anti-corruption efforts
  • strengthen their regional network of anti-corruption professionals
  • further contribute to the regional and international fight against corruption.

In each case IACA develops the programme and signs an activity agreement with a local partner that specifies the latter’s contributions to the Regional Summer Academy. these could include, for example, identifying/providing the venue, visa support and local transportation for participants, and sharing the costs of the event. Potential host countries and local partners are encouraged to contact IACA to express their interest.

For further information contact IACA.

previous editions

East and Southeast Asia

Beijing, China (2018)

Middle East

Kuwait City, Kuwait (2017)

Eastern Africa

Kampala, Uganda (2016)

Latin America

Buenos Aires, Argentina (2015)

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