The Board of Governors is the Academy’s main governing organ, and was established on 29 November 2012. Nine members of the Board were elected by the first session of the Assembly of Parties while two were appointed by Austria and UNODC as initiating partners.

With six terms expiring in 2015, new members were (re-) elected at the fourth session of the Assembly of Parties. All regional groups are represented in the Board of Governors.


Board members serve in their individual capacity. They are:


Vetere   Eduardo Vetere (UNODC)

   (2012 - present, Chairperson 2016 - present)

   Former Director of the Division for Treaty Affairs of UNODC



Pakdee Pothisiri   Pakdee Pothisiri (Thailand)

   (2012 - present, Vice Chairperson 2016 - present)

   Former Commissioner, National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC)




Patricia   Patricia Ximena Arriagada Villouta (Chile)

   (2015 - present)

   Comptroller General



Dubik   Sergey N. Dubik (Russian Federation)

   (2012 - present)

   State Secretary, State Corporation “Roskosmos”



Feiner   Hermann Feiner (Austria)

   (2012 - present)

   Director-General of the Directorate-General IV

   (Services and Supervision), Federal Ministry of the Interior



Vusal Huseynov photo   Vusal Huseynov (Azerbaijan)

   (2015 - present)

   Assembly Member, Parliamentary Assembly



Kassim   Abu Kassim bin Mohamed (Malaysia)

   (2012 - present, Vice Chairperson 2012 - 2015)

   Director-General of the National Centre for Governance, Integrity and Anti-Corruption of Malaysia



Sergio   Sérgio Nogueira Seabra (Brazil)

   (2015 - present)

   Controller General of the Union, Direction and Administration,

   Federal Secretary of Attached Internal Control



   NtaEkpo Nta (Nigeria)

   (2015 - present)

   Chairman of the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other

   Related Offences Commission (ICPC)



  PopovaH.E. Margarita Popova (Bulgaria)

  (2012 - present, Chairperson 2012 - 2016)

   Former Vice President of Bulgaria (2012-2017)


Touq   H.E. Muhyieddeen Shaban Touq (Jordan)

   (2015 - present)

   (former) Commissioner General for Human Rights





Tapia Fernandez  Jorge Juan de Dios Fernández Tapia (Former Member/Bolivia)

  (2012 - 2015)




Kim  Young Ran Kim (Former Member/Republic of Korea)

  (2012 - 2015)




Mordechai Kremnitzer  Mordechai Kremnitzer (Former Member/Israel)

  (2012 - 2015)




Morar  Daniel Marius Morar (Former Member/Romania)

  (2012 - 2015)




Villanueva Bracho  Cecilia Villanueva Bracho (Former Member/Mexico)

  (2012 - 2014)