FiTI and IACA extend collaboration to new webinar series on tackling corruption in fisheries

Under the theme of “Tackling corruption in fisheries: Vulnerabilities, supporting factors and solution approaches” currently three additional webinars are planned over the course of the next six months, exploring in further detail specific areas that are most prone to corruption (e.g. fishing authorisations), highligthening supporting factors (such as beneficial ownership) and provide practical ways to addressing it (such as transparency efforts).

According to Mr. Sven Biermann, Executive Director of the FiTI International Secretariat “Surprinsingly, the issue of corruption in the global fisheries sector has long remained out of the public attention. Yet, corruption can affect every stage of the fisheries value chain, impacting sincere efforts to achieve the sustainable management of this public good. It is therefore very timely to shed more light on global fisheries that have grown to become a critical resource for fulfilling economic, food and nutrition security as well as the cultural needs of millions of people around the world.”

“In this new webinar series, we will invite renowed international experts to look at specific vulnerabilities to corruption and identify concrete actions for prevention and detection. We will also highlight practical insights from transparency efforts in several countries, providing clear guidances for fisheries stakeholders (specially policy makers) on how to conduct activities for the implementation of transparency endeavours” stated Ms. Petra Susac, Head of General Management at the International Anti-Corruption Academy.

The webinars will be announced through the regular communication channels of IACA and FiTI.

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