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The first MACS class, MACS 2012, started in December 2012 with students from 17 countries, ranging from 26 to 59 years in age. The class graduated in December 2014.

The second MACS class, MACS 2014, began its studies in November 2014 with students from 20 countries and jurisdictions. The student body, ranging from 25 to 57 years in age, included, among others, investigators, public relations officers, auditors, humanitarian workers, diplomats, business executives, compliance managers, and police superintendents. The class graduated in December 2016.

The MACS 2015 class, with students from 18 countries and five continents, is in its second year of studies. Students’ backgrounds include governance, law enforcement, international organizations, the private sector, NGOs, and journalism. The class will graduate in December 2017.

The MACS 2016 class, with students from 18 countries, began its studies in October 2016 and will graduate in December 2018.

The MACS 2017 class will start in October 2017 and graduate in December 2019.